Collaboratively Structured Analytic Psychotherapy™

Collaboratively Structured Analytic Psychotherapy™

An innovative, intensified approach to psychotherapy that I have developed for the highly motivated person who is seeking a very comprehensive process of self-examination, and willing to do a substantial amount of self-reflective work independently, outside of sessions.

This multi-modal method, based on the Dynamic Analytic Psychotherapy method, but with a number of additional elements, can shorten the length of psychotherapy by directly addressing internal resistances to change, and offering novel methods to cultivate an improved way of contending with your concerns.

  • Includes an extensive self-evaluation process based on focused autobiographical writing and an innovative approach to mapping family emotional history.
  • Incorporates the evocative benefits of a regular contemplative process (a meditative, creative, and/or expressive practice of your choosing) and/or a regular journal-writing process that, whenever possible, includes recording of your dreams and reflections about them.

At the end of most sessions we will jointly create an assignment for you to engage with between sessions. This extends and develops the progress from the session. Self-reflective work done outside of session may be submitted by e-mail, and reviewed by me prior to sessions.

Periodically we will engage in a structured review and critique of the progress of the therapy, and consider the basis for any blockages or impediments we have encountered.

  • This method dramatically deepens the quality of your experience and accelerates your progress in therapy.
  • Usually involves meeting once or twice per week.